COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act


Websites that are collecting information from children under the age of thirteen are required to comply with Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
What is COPPA ?
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Philippe marteau, md, phd , bernard messing, md, eviano arrigoni, md, françoise briet, phd, bernard flourié, md, marie-christine morin, jean-claude rambaud, md from the service de gastroentérologie & inserm u 290, hôpital saint-lazare, paris, france accepted 11 may 1996 available online 6 november 2003 how to cite or link using doi permissions & reprints view full text purchase $31. 50 abstract we compared the tolerance of a diet providing 20 g/d lactose and a lactose-free diet in 14 patients with short-bowel syndrome with either the colon in continuity (group a, n = 8) or a terminal jejunostomy (group b, n = 6). Lactose tolerance was studied after a single 20-g lactose load in the fasting state, and during two 3-d periods during which the subjects consumed their usual diet plus either 20 g/d lactose, with no more than 4 g/d as milk, or no lactose. buy online order viagra Records and measurements included symptoms, fecal weight, and during the 8 h after the lactose load, breath-hydrogen excretion (group a) or lactose and hexoses flow rates in stomal effluents (group b). generic viagra quick delivery Results are expressed as medians with ranges in parentheses. Lactose absorption was 61% (0–90) in group a and 53% (18–84) in group b, and no symptoms of intolerance were noticed. During the lactose-rich diet as compared to lactose-free diet, no symptoms were noticed nor was there any worsening of diarrhea: 1534 g/d (240–4760) versus 1466 (1590–7030) in group a, and 4122 g/d (1730–6830) versus 3496 (1590–7030) in group b. We conclude that a diet providing 20 g/d lactose with no more than 4 g/d as milk is well tolerated in the majority of patients with short-bowel syndrome, and that a lactose-free diet has usually no benefit in these subjects. low price viagra Keywords lactose digestion; lactose intolerance; short-bowel syndrome; lactose-free diet there are no figures or tables for this document. Correspondence to: philippe marteau, md, phd, hôpital saint-lazare, 107 bis rue du faubourg saint denis, 75010 paris, france. Copyright © 1997 published by elsevier inc. Bibliographic information citing and related articles related articles no articles found. Cited by in scopus (37) related reference work articles no articles found. Applications and tools workspace no content has been selected. About sciencedirect about elsevier contact and support information for advertisers terms and conditions privacy policy copyright © 2012 elsevier b. prescription-free viagra V. 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If you are familiar with the subject of this article, you can contribute to this open access knowledge base by deleting incorrect information, restructuring or completely rewriting any text. Ideally this entry shall become one comprehensive and cont. generic viagra pill How To Comply with The Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule ?